Protected: Whiny Whine Whine

No, not me whining this time. 🙂

Why, oh messageboard poster, do you whine and whine about how hard it will be to manage your children without your live-in help (how dare she go on vacation?!), knowing full well that most people don’t have live-in help that will do 75% of the child-rearing work for them? Why are your minor aches & pains just colossally awful for you, and you juuust caaan’t do it? Jeez. Come live C’s life for awhile, ya big weenie.

Of course, I’m annoyed w/ at least half of that board just now, because it’s all about how difficult their special special children are, and how hard parenting is, and it sucks up all your time, and yadda yadda yadda. Get a grip, people.

OK. I’m done now.

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