It is such a freaking Monday today. I swear if one more person pesters me about something stupid at a really ridiculous time, I’ll hand them back a bleeding stump. Gah.

In other news, Super Bowl = Yay, this weekend’s call = so-so, but I survived, and H = a fantastic human being (one reason being that she found an entirely adorable ladybug swimsuit for Gert to wear this summer.)

I’m sleep-deprived after a weekend on call, have a stack of charts to dictate, and several phone calls to make. So of course I’m posting on LJ. And emailing the RE to tell them to trash the last vial of donor #xyz that they’ve had in their freezer since last spring. Wouldn’t want to rush into these things, you know. It actually made me just a little sad, but really, even if I were to lose my freaking mind decide to TTC again, I wouldn’t use that donor again, so why am I holding onto it for $60 a year in storage fees?

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