I totally forgot to blog this yesterday, so you’re all getting it today.  This is another one of those “so I had this dream” posts, just warning you.

So I had this dream on Monday night/early Tuesday a.m., in which I was watching the Super Bowl.  In person, not on TV.  It was the appropriate teams with the appropriate players, but they were, for some reason, being forced to play on a grade school field, with special peewee football rules (that my subconscious made up on the fly.)  Things like only being able to catch a pass while standing on one foot, that sort of thing.  And of course the field was only ~40 yards long, so they kept throwing passes out of bounds, running into the fence, etc.  Along with that went the requisite swearing and being generally pissed off at whoever made them play the Super Bowl on this itty-bitty field with these moronic rules.  What can I say.  I found it amusing, and actually woke myself up laughing. 

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