Weekend Update

Let’s see…

Gert’s wardrobe: I found two cute little dresses for her at Goodwill yesterday. Hurrah for $1.49 purchases! I also picked up a pattern for some cute little A-line sundresses/jumpers, so will be working on getting that traced/cut out today. No fabric yet, but I’ll share as I progress.

Work: Am working all the freaking time. Money is good, though, so I shouldn’t complain. Next day off is February 10th. Hurrah. Also have other work news, which will be friends-locked.

Adoption: Still #10. Still waiting. Estimating referral in May, travel in June. We shall see.

BF: Have cut back on pumping substantially, due to looong wait stretching out forever, but am still keeping a supply going, and will ramp back up when I’m #2 or so on the list. I just can’t pump 6-8x/day with no end in sight, particularly while working day after day after day.

Weather: Cold. But at least the mud is frozen. Heh.

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