People I’d Like to Throttle

1) People who whine. (Oh wait, is this whining? No, ranting/bitching, rather. Will proceed.)

2) People who do stupid irresponsible things wrt their children/potential children. See also, doing IUI w/ upwards of 4 follicles & proven fertility, putting kid in front-facing carseat at 9 months, feeding 6 week old carrots.

3) Medical professionals who suggest/agree to the above. Or say things like “you must wean him from the breast at 12 months.” Why is that? Is there an expiration date on her boobs?

4) Pregnant people. Most/all. Sorry if that’s you – infertility sucks.

5) People who tailgate you on the interstate w/ their brights on. Gah.

That’s it for tonight.

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