Random Tuesday

So, let’s see…the most boring blogger ever award goes to…

On the weather: Colder. Than. Snot. In fact, I’m certain that snot is rarely, if ever, this cold, because you’d get frostbite of the nose. 15 degrees yesterday. Below zero last night. Up to 2 this morning as I was coming in to work. Brrrrrr. Just a few inches of snow, no ice for us, so driving is more or less ok (although of course little to no plowing in little towns except on the highways, and “solar” snow removal is slow when it’s 15 degrees out.)

The big excitement tonight is that American Idol is back on. Woot! Yes, it’s lame. And I soooo don’t care, because it amuses me. So there. A girl has to be amused by something while waiting for referral.

The minivan color poll is a dead heat. I think I may go with the silver, just for the cleanliness factor. Sigh. The blue’s so pretty.

No new adoption news. Am now #11 (roughly) on the list, with virtually everyone ahead of me wanting an infant girl. Blah. I do hope I can travel before my fingerprints expire in September. And I can tell you, if I don’t have my kid by Christmas, I’m going to be very, very crabby.

Other than that, am treating a ton of strep throat (apparently making its way around the local elementary school) and shivering in my office since the heater is a bit anemic. Does shivering burn calories? One would hope.

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