A Major Decision

This is very similar to the “Major Award” of Christmas Story fame, just so you know. But I digress.

Dear Internets, we have a major decision on our hands. It has been determined, through careful research (some involving large amounts of Jack Daniels) that the interior passenger and/or cargo capacity of one (1) 1998 Honda Civic sedan is insufficient for the regular transport of two adults (self & au pair,) one baby/toddler unit, one 20-lb (9 kg) dog and all entailed clothing and baggage items, including but not limited to suitcases, diapers, cooler, dog crate, pack n’ play, exersaucer, kitchen sink, etc. It has further been determined that, due to my routine travel for work, a permanent solution to said problem must be found, as this is not the semi-annual trip to grandma’s, but rather a weekly to biweekly expedition, and therefore a rental vehicle would be financially prohibitive.

Therefore, it has been decided that it is necessary to procure a somewhat larger vehicle for transport of said items, namely, a Honda Odyssey. The used/new debate has not been entirely hashed out betwixt the sides of my cerebral cortex (this being a major deficiency in being single, that is, that there is no one handy with whom to argue,) but that is not the topic of this missive. Rather, dear patient Internets, a most important decision rests upon your capable shoulders…

Drumroll please…


The finalists are…

Photo deleted.


Photo deleted.

Discuss amongst yourselves.  My current vehicle (the aforementioned Civic) is black.  Frequently dirty (see previous mention of frequent highway travel.)  It suits my aesthetics (the color, not the dirt) but am ready for a new color with this vehicle.  Silver seems rather popular of late, but there may, on the other hand, be a reason for that.  Also, I like blue.  

Thank you.


The Chief Crackpot

P.S. The above vehicles are for color clarification purposes only.  I stole them from Ebay.  The pictures, not the vehicles. 

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