Happy Christmas!

I hope everyone has a lovely day. I’m currently easing into the day (up a bit earlier than planned, due to the outdoor needs of a certain black terrier who shall remain nameless) and listening to Sarah McLachlan’s recent Christmas album. V. nice. We had Christmas with H & her family yesterday afternoon (highlight: a pea-smooshing toddler who was in looooove with the dog.) Christmas with my mother’s family was last night (highlight: a long discussion of the “Mexican werewolf family” – those folks with hypertrichosis – yes, I know, we’re rather strange.) Today we have Christmas with my family this a.m., then Christmas with my dad’s family this afternoon.

Yawn. Was up until 12:30 making the breakfast casserole. V. tired. Received lovely gifts yesterday, including several things for Gert, including a hardback Beatrix Potter anthology and some adorable things for her room, all with bugs/flowers/snails on them. Whee! All in all, it was a very satisfactory Christmas Eve. Now I have to play Santa (ssshhh) this morning and wait for the folks to come over about 9.

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