What is it with me and rodents?

I swear. My subconscious. It’s a scary place. First I had this dream, about the guinea pig baby, and now, last night, another, sort of similar one.

(Warning – this is gross!) I dreamt I was pregnant, with about a month until my due date. Even in the dream, I had no clue how I got pregnant (although the night before I dreamt a friend was telling me if you just think really hard about being pregnant, you’ll get pregnant, no sperm necessary. heh.) So I’m wandering around this hospital, feeling the baby doing flip-flops. Later in the evening, the baby stops moving. Hmmm. OK. So I set up an ultrasound for the next morning (I’m still at the hospital, on call or something.) I thought about getting out the doppler, but oh, surely the baby’s just asleep. I go to my call room, and go to sleep. Halfway through the night, I start feeling cramps, but they’re mild, so no big deal, right? Eventually I get out of bed (it’s still the middle of the night) and go into the bathroom, where I proceed to deliver a gigantic dead rat. It’s all slimy and gross, and of course I realize now that I wasn’t actually pregnant, it was a RAT. EEEEAGHHHH. So I dispose of the rat somehow and go back to bed. I spent the entire next day trying to tell people I just had a miscarriage (and of course, being 8 months pregnant, a lot of people knew, and didn’t quite believe the m/c tale.) Then I woke up. Thoughts?

Other than bizarre dreams, I’ve been busy getting ready for Christmas, wrapping presents, sending out cards, etc. Today I’m doing the Christmas grocery shopping. Fun fun fun!

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