Coming Up for Air

Sorry for the non-posting. The weekend was so very busy (in a good way) and now getting back to work has been busy (esp. after 3 weeks off) so I just haven’t had the time/inclination to post. Or return phone calls. Or emails. Or much of anything extracurricular. Please forgive me, internets.

A picture post on cookie weekend will be forthcoming, but I don’t have the card reader with me today. Maybe tomorrow. We had a great time, made nine different kinds of cookies and holiday snacks, watched Christmas Vacation, shopped until we dropped, and ate a bunch of yummy food. Gert has quite a few new outfits thanks to a great sale at JCP’s, and I’m 95% done with my Christmas shopping. Hurrah!

In lactation news, I’m up to 150cc a day, or 5 oz for the non-metrically-inclined. I calculate that to be ~20% of Gert’s probable daily needs. It’s not bad, particularly considering the difficulties of sneaking away to pump during the crazy weekend and now getting into the swing of pumping at work. And of course considering I’ve only been at this for three weeks. Moo.

Thanks for all the fantastic discussion on the circ post.

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