I’m frankly pissed at my agency right now. I feel like they’ve misled us about the wait time, (and caused me to have false hopes & furthermore get my family’s hopes up) and I’m irritated. I posted the next two paragraphs of this basically verbatim on their email list. I know they read it, but I could give a crap.

Maybe I’m just getting jaded being three months into the wait, but when I submitted my dossier, I was told a four to six month wait, which for me translates into sometime between late December and the end of February. (My dossier was submitted in mid-late August.) Being as I’m somewhere in the vicinity of #14 on the waiting list (by my rough calculations) and being as we have several members on the agency email group who’ve waited six or more months, I can’t possibly imagine how I could have a referral by the end of February. Particularly when we’ve had exactly one referral since summer. One! It will be December this week! That’s one in what, three months?

It’s just starting to exasperate me. I’m sure the constant questioning at Thanksgiving didn’t help, and I hate that my family’s getting excited (I originally told them I’d probably travel in March or April – a conservative estimate based on the timeframe I was given) and I’m beginning to doubt whether I’ll ever receive a referral. Or at least whether I’ll receive one in the next five years.

I’m starting to wonder whether I can get my money back. Of course, then I’d have to go to the back of some other agency’s line, and I’m not sure it would make things go any faster. Or I could say f-ck it all, and go do IVF in Czechoslovakia or something. Sigh.

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