Circumcision: It’s Wrong

I haven’t posted anything on this in awhile, partially because, well, I’m adopting a girl, so it hasn’t come up, and partially because I’ve had quite a few other things to talk about.

The bottom line is this: It is wrong to circumcise your infant. Period. A healthy baby does not need surgery. Circumcision removes an important, useful part of his body and changes his (and his partner’s) sexual experience permanently. In addition, infant circumcision is very painful, both during the procedure (Most circumcisions are performed without, or with topical anesthesia. Neither of these blocks the deeper pain receptors of the penis.) and for days afterwards, as he has an open wound in his diaper. It’s wrong to hurt your child both as an infant and as he grows up to realize his sexuality.

A good article is here:  The Case Against Circumcision.

For those who disagree, I challenge you:  How is circumcision as performed in the U.S. (leaving aside religious circumcisions by Jewish & Muslim families) different than female “circumcision” or mutilation performed in other countries?  We are scandalized by female genital mutilation.  Why not male genital mutilation?  Discuss.

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