Transferring Energy

The positive:

I made and pumped over one ounce of milk today. Woo hoo! That’s about 30 cc (not counting whatever I pump at bedtime) – I only managed ~18 cc yesterday, and 10 cc the day before that. It’s coming along, a little at a time! 🙂

The negative:

I’m sick to death of my novel, and life has gotten really busy, and so I’m dumping it. Maybe I’ll finish it someday, but the drive to do so just isn’t there right now. I’d rather be working on Christmas ornaments, or hemming receiving blankets, or baking pumpkin bread. I have 12 people coming for Thanksgiving (including two almost-eleven-year-olds as overnight guests,) Christmas presents to finish & wrap before Thanksgiving (to send home w/ far-flung relatives,) a toddler to babysit the first three days of next week, and the last two days of November, and generally a little bit of life to live in the meantime. Oh, and I need to spend ~120 minutes a day attached to the pump. Ergo, not really having the time to do the novel. And that’s ok.

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