As promised, here’s Gert’s stocking. Isn’t it cute? Yes, I did it all myself. By hand. Sequins, embroidery & all.

Photo deleted.

No other major news.  Lactation proceeds apace.  Supply is roughly double yesterday, although that’s still not much, but I’m pleased with the current progress.  Pumping is monotonous more than anything, and I can’t wait for my handsfree attachment to arrive in the mail, so I can use the remote, take a drink, type, something like that.   Oh yeah, and…

Lefty managed to get a nice little bit of rugburn during my last pump session.  Just over 24 hours, and we already have an injury.  heh.  I’m hoping some lansinoh and a session or two off will clear things up.

But other than that, everything’s swell.  🙂

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