First off, thanks for all the great comments on my pissy rantings below. I was in such a mood that I even put my Nano main character in a bad mood. Heh. And then had to figure out a reason for her to be in a bad mood. Hence my new word count in the subject line.

I worked on Gert’s Christmas stocking last night, and will try to post some pictures on Saturday when I get home. I may very well have it finished by then, depending on 1) whether my asthma drives me freaking crazy again tonight like it did last night, 2) how distracting I find the highly pretty boys on Smallville, 3) whether CSI is really good or kinda boring, and 4) my general level of initiative. Anyone taking bets?

So ever since I’ve firmly chosen a name for Baby Crackpot, I’ve heard it everywhere. Every. Where. It’s either a sign of impending popularity (bad) or the fact that I’m newly attuned to listening for the name everywhere. Thoughts?

Back to work with me.

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