On Due Dates

I’m writing this more for my own personal reference than anything, but I suppose some of you might find it interesting.  (Or at least as interesting as the usual fare around here.)

I’ve had four estimated due dates this year, for four very short-lived pregnancies.   The current working theory is that my immune system, valued for its kickassery when it comes to illness (see, good not-word there,) kills my darling little embryos before they get half a chance to implant, leading to a tiny but detectable HCG surge before it casts them into oblivion.   The only treatment for this would be IVF with IVIG, and even that’s not a sure thing.  And, as with anything in the fertility world, more acronyms = more money. 

My first due date this year was March 12th.  I was upset, still feeling the effects of a Clomid cycle, and pissed at the world for taking this pregnancy away.

My second due date, May 21st, was about the same, minus the Clomid.  The adoption moving forward helped me to ignore it, but I remembered, and I hurt.

My third due date, July 11th, was easier.  I don’t know if the excitement of the adoption helped to mask it, or if time really does just heal these things, but it was better.  I still remembered, and was sad, but I just kept on going with life.

Finally, November 4th rolled around, and I completely forgot about it.  I just now was thinking “you know, I think that last chemical would have been due the first week of November.  Hmm.”  So I ran the due date calculator based on the IUI, and it would have been November 4th.   This makes my birthday prediction for Gert down below particularly interesting, as well.

So that’s it.  I’m done trying, barring Mr. Right showing up with a pocket full of cash.   Aren’t you glad you wasted your time reading this post?

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