As long as I’m ranting

1) Dude – you’re 44.  You can do home DI until the cows come home, with every vial your sperm bank can ship you, and you’re not going to get pg with a keeper.  The odds are decidedly NOT in your favor.  As in, winning the lotto not in your favor.   Stop wasting your money.  Oh, and get a legal divorce already.  On the very slim possibility that you get pg this way, I’m thinking the fact that your “separated” from you husband still LIVES in your HOUSE might possibly complicate the divorce.  I’m just sayin’.

2) OK.  Seriously.  Assurity?  Not a word.  An insurance company, yes, but not a word. Pertinent is not the same as Prudent.  If I had your address, I’d buy you a freaking dictionary for Christmas.  I only read 10% of your posts, max, and I still manage to find a not-word at least once every two or three days.   See also: funner, therapeutical, etc.  Perhaps I should keep a more complete list.  The thing is, I’m completely into using not-words when it’s an obvious choice (craptacular, for instance) – but know your basic English first, then improvise, not the other way around.  DUH.

I told you all I was in a good mood.

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