The Much-Anticipated Garden Update

I know you’;re all just dying to know what I’ve been up to for the past two days, so here goes:

Mowed the front & back yards
Trimmed backyard hedge
Trimmed rose bushes
Pulled out dead/frozen plants (tomatoes, peppers, etc.)
Weeded gardens (which take up 1/2 of my standard-sized back yard. Can we say BIG job?)
Planted 18 perennials (echinacea, phlox, dracocephalum, helenium, verbascum, coreopsis) in the sun/part-sun garden
Planted 15 hostas in the shade garden
Filled in the giant hole left by the removal of the pond
Non-garden activities included PEO last night, writing up the PEO minutes yesterday, a trip to the grocery store and taking a political phone survey.

I’m exhausted.

Off to have a bowl of vegetable soup & relax on the couch for evening TV.

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