Asses and Estimates

I’m pretty sure this entry is just going to be a random update, but here goes:

1) My father’s currently making an ass of himself, alternating between begging me to come visit, and then when I do, within minutes or hours he’s storming off, refusing to speak to me.  This generally comes up when I speak my mind on something.  

The most recent blowout was Sunday night, after he said (about someone on TV) “Well, that’s the sort of guy you could bring home.  At least he’s rich, and white.”  To which I responded (in a joking tone) “You know what? I’m 27 years old.  If I want to get married, I can marry anyone I damn well please.”  Cue the storming out and not speaking to me for the rest of the evening.  This all started back in April when I announced I was adopting, and hasn’t quit since.  He refuses to talk about the adoption, the trip, nothing.  Nothing even approaching a congratulations when I got my I-171H, or when I sent off my dossier.  

I made them sweet little framed announcements in picture frames (a hold this space marker, very cute but not girlie) and gave them to him when I told them I was adopting.  Mom has hers on display in their room, and Dad’s hidden his somewhere, I haven’t seen it since I gave it to him.  For all I know, he’s trashed it.  

All because I didn’t consult him before making my decision.  Oh, and the racist comments (which are increasingly common) are really nice.  Ugh.   My mother, meanwhile, is really excited.  And frustrated with his behavior.  So there’s that.

We’re currently not speaking, and I’m leaving the ball in his court.  If he wants a relationship, he needs to clean up his act.  The fact is, I *am* 27 years old, I own my own house, I have a master’s degree and a good career, I pay all my own bills, and I’m choosing to build my family, with or without his approval. 

2) I’m actually going to vote for a Democrat this year.  Shocking, no?  I don’t think that’s happened since…well I can’t remember when.  The current AG (a Republican) is a complete horse’s ass, including subpoenaing medical records on underage pregnancies so that he can prosecute the males involved.  Not due to a complaint, just going through the birth records, and trying to get abortion records, so he can pick out the under-16s and go on a witch hunt.  Niiice.   He’s advertising it as “fighting child rape.”   Whatever.  You’re picking on freshmen in high school who get knocked up in the back of their boyfriend’s El Camino.  That’s hardly child rape.  A case for condoms, yes.  Child rape, um, not so much.  (I know it’s technically illegal, but I’m sorry, a 15 year old boy who sleeps with a 14 year old girl is not a criminal.)

3) And finally, an adoption timeline update:

Referrals are coming very slowly with my agency just now, so I’m revising my estimate of referral/travel.   I had originally predicted referral on February 22nd, and travel on March 15th.  I’m officially revising that to referral on April 23rd, travel on June 14th.  There hasn’t been an official change in the estimated wait from my agency, but that’s my hunch, anyway.  And no, I’m not particularly happy about it.  The pool remains open for anyone wanting to participate (although I must say whoever gave me a 6 month referral to travel wait is rather unkind.  Geez.)

Well wasn’t that an uplifting, happy post?  I aim to please.  heh.

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