Of Books & Boobs

Great title, huh? Well, at least it amused me!

Not too much is going on around here. I’m back at work this week, stamping out disease and pestilence. So far today, I’ve treated diaper rash, GERD, sinusitis and a few other even less interesting things. Fun, eh?

Have I mentioned NaNoWriMo here? I don’t believe I have. Well, I’m going to go for it.  Along with my good pals Calliope & Trista & whoever else signs up.   I’m working on some plot bits & character sketches.  It’ll be a murder mystery (bwa ha ha) and if it’s not too revolting I’ll share it when I’m done.  We’ll see.  It’s the first large piece of fiction I’ve written since I was 13, so it could be a bit scary.

In boob news, I start pumping in just over 3 weeks.  That’s nothing!  I have my pump, need to order appropriate undergarments (heh – shout out to our bizarre college dress code) and I’ll be typing & pumping in no time!

Off to sign up for NaNoWriMo officially, and to hunt for cow clipart for a sign for my door.  Heh.

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