Dueling Annoyances

I can’t decide which of the following bugs me more at the moment:

1) Nosy neighbors at the block party (otherwise fun, got to hang out with my very-cool but non-intimidating SMC neighbor) wanting to know “what I’m going to do” after I bring Gert home.  Um, feed her?  Change her?  Lock her in a small closet and occasionally shout insults at her?  They’re asking about my work/childcare plans, and I’m tired of defending them.   I get the same responses as when I talk about my job in general “Oh, reeeeally.  You can do that?”  Yes, I can, thanks.  I’ve been doing this for two years now at this job, and it works out fine.  If the childcare plans currently in place don’t work, I’ll either make new ones or seek a new position.  Duh!

2) People with automatic music when you load their blogs.  I’m sorry, but if I wanted to hear whatever random song it is that blows your dress up, I’d be happy to click on a link.  Don’t surprise me at work, or when I have music on ITunes going, or whatever.  It’s just annoying, and in no small part due to the fact that a seemingly large population of the Earth have horrible taste in music.  Muzak belongs on elevators, people, not your blog.

Thank you.  This rant brought to you by sleep deprivation, my sore big toe, insufficient alcohol, and the letter Q.

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