Full-On Bitch Mode

Oh boy.  I’m sure at least 1/2 of you will come away from this post with the confirmed opinion that I am a totally heartless bitch.  To which I say, sorry, it’s been nice knowing you.  

Bitch subject the first:  In this day and age of internet searches, how in the HELL can you think it’s ok to sign with an agency based on 1) the agency’s word and the references they provide, 2) the agency’s contract and 3) the BBB status of the agency?  How can you then, when presented with your agency’s name as a less-than-reputable one, say “Gosh, I never knew APV existed!!”  Seriously?  You never googled “vietnam” and “adoption” and clicked on one of the first three or four links?  Refusal to seek out even a tiny bit of information does not excuse being completely stupid about agency selection.  I put more energy & research into purchasing my second-hand Ipod than some of these people are putting into the agency that will take $20K of their hard-earned money, and that they’re trusting to legally bring them home a child.

Bitch subject the second:  Your agency is not a special case.  No matter what they’ve told you.  If they’re saying they’ve got a license, and the Embassy website disagrees, don’t blame the messenger, and say that “Oh, they must’ve been missed and haven’t updated the site.”  They updated it as recently as this week, so it’s not the embassy that’s deceiving you here.  If your agency had been licensed since May, they’d be well up there on the agency list by now.  They’re not on the list, so they’re not licensed, despite “well, they say they are.”   They may be licensed down the road, or be in the process, but to tell you they’re licensed when they’re not is flat-out misrepresentation.  Gah.

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