Rainy Day

It’s been raining steadily here all morning, and I’m hanging out with three dogs on my feet (my parents’ two are here for the weekend) and getting ready to clean out my bedroom closet. Anyone who just shuddered in fear is pretty close.

This afternoon I have a pediatrician meet & greet appointment. We’ll have to see how that goes – I really need someone for severe illnesses & well-baby visits, as I can manage the little stuff on my own.  The office is within walking distance, so that’s good.

Sigh.  This rain makes me want to go back to bed…

Ooh, I forgot – crazy dream for you.  I went to the mall, very late at night, with H & my mom.  We took my car, and because there were so many people at the mall, had to park in a gravel parking lot next to the building.  We come back out of the mall, to discover that some psycho in a big black pickup truck has *run over* my car & parked on top of it.  We call the cops (obviously) and the truck’s driver eventually comes out of the mall.  It turns out she’s the dean of students from one of our state universities, tall, blond, nordic-looking person, and she swears she hasn’t been drinking, and that she didn’t even notice my car was there.  Methinks the lady doth protest a bit overmuch, but the cops won’t breathalyze her.   Long story short, I wind up getting insurance to total my car, which isn’t much $$, and I’m really pissed.  Then I woke up.  

Just thought I’d share – I know how much you all love my cuckoo dreams.

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