Referral Pool

Drumroll please…

I give you, the Gertrude Crackpot 2006-2007 Referral Pool!  Please, please, no applause.

The facts:

Dossier to agency (the clock starts ticking) on 8/18/06.
Agency estimates 4-6 months to referral.
Agency estimates 4-6 weeks to travel.
As of 9/15, agency had had 22 dossiers submitted who are waiting on referrals.  I estimate (see post down there a bit for how) that I am #15.

Please answer the following questions:

1) On what date will I receive my referral?

2) On what date will I travel (leave home)?

Winner gets one of the following *charming* items, or a similar item of your choice:

Voldemort Votes Republican

Stupid People




Stewart Colbert 2008

I Like My Dog

The Dark Side

Keep Honking

Hillary Voldemort 2008

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