Random Premiere Thoughts

1) Big thank you to William L. Petersen for SHAVING.  Seriously.  Thanks.  The beard was soooooo not a good choice, despite its persistence for what, 6 years?

2) Confidential to George Eads:  Good call with the buzz cut (or whatever those crazy kids are calling it these days.)  The overlong bangs sucked, and please, never repeat that tragic mustache/dead mouse experiment.  Thanks.

3) Dear Dr. Dropkick/Monica Hadwin-Greenblatt now Detective Angell on CSI:NY.  Glad to see you’re getting around, my dear.  How many networks does this make now?  Write if you find steady work, love.  I actually kinda like your acting, in a strange sort of way.

4) I was certainly happy to see one of my TV boyfriends looking so lovely this evening.  Sigh.  I’ll let you all guess who. 

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