Candid Camera

Isn’t it a little strange that the only major action around here is when I talk about my boobs?  I mean, I’m just askin’.  🙂

In other news…let’s see…not much to report.  I’ve been enjoying my time off, getting plenty of sleep, walking the dog, watching my Veronica DVDs, futzing around the house, working on the yard, cleaning out closets, etc. etc.  

For any of my fellow adopters (or anyone else that cares to comment):  Does anyone feel as though this whole adoption thing is going to be like an episode of Candid Camera?  I just have this sense of plugging along, turning in paperwork, wait wait wait, and there’s not going to be an actual baby at the end, but rather someone jumping out from behind a bush and yelling “Psych!  No baby for you!”    No?  OK then.  Nevermind…moving along.

I think I’m going to give the referral pool its own post.  We need something fun to talk about. 

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