Bits & Pieces

1) I’ve been attacking the jungle garden this morning.  I think I’m winning now.  It’s amazing how far behind one can fall in the summer, with greater than average rainfall, and only a day or two a month to work on the garden.  Sigh.  I did better this year than last, and hope to do better next summer, with Gert in tow (or in her exersaucer, or whatever.)   Meanwhile, RoundUp and the weed-whacker are my friends (yes, RoundUp’s evil, deal with it.)

2) How come no one told me that you can have TiVo with analog cable?  I’ve been missing out all these years, thinking you needed digital cable, and unwilling to fork over the $$ for it.  I’m ordering TiVo this morning, and I’m so excited I can hardly stand myself!

3) In the last few weeks, I’ve been asked dozens of times by generally well-meaning friends & family about my referral.  Specifically, when is it coming, and when am I traveling.  My standard answer has been “Sometime next spring” – but I’ve been pondering it.  My estimate, and we’ll see how things go, is a referral on February 22nd, and travel on March 15th.  Anyone care to play along in this odd form of a baby pool?  My agency is estimating 4-6 months from DTV to referral, then 4-6 weeks from referral to travel (in actuality it’s been closer to 3-4 weeks so far.)  I was DTV on 8/31/06.  At some point we’ll have to do the age/weight pool too, but let’s save that for a gloomy winter day, shall we?

4) In other news, my agency sent out an update the other day, and out of 22 dossiers submitted so far, by my calculations, I’m roughly #15.  Not bad, says I, considering I just submitted my dossier a month ago!  (To be more specific, I know the submission dates of 18 of the 22 dossiers – from the agency email list – and 12 are ahead of me, while 5 are behind.  Hence my estimate that 12 + 3 of the unknowns are ahead of me, while 5 + 1 of the unknowns are behind me.  Yes, I’m very anal, thanks much.)

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