She’s Baaaaack

Yes, I am persisting in my plan for world domination to get you all to start watching Veronica Mars.  Either I’m going to get you all hooked, or I’ll annoy the ever-loving crap out of you in the process.  Your call. 

If the 3 minute video a few posts back was too long for you, here’s a 60 second introduction.  Easy as pie, right?
If you’ve tried an episode or two in the past, and were confused, don’t worry – the first two seasons were pretty complicated, and one ep out of context wouldn’t make sense.  Humor me, and either netflix or buy season 1, or just start this fall (October 3rd, hint hint) and you won’t have one drop of confusion.  With all the mindless crap on tv (cough…Fear Factor…cough) isn’t something that actually requires thought a refreshing change? 🙂

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