Dossier to Vietnam!!!!

I just received notification from my agency that my dossier is even now being FedExed to Vietnam!!!!!  

I’m so excited!  And on my birthday, too!  😀

4/8/06 – Application to agency
4/10/06 – Homestudy scheduled
4/11/06 – Agency Acceptance & Dossier Guide received
4/12/06 – Obtained birth certificates, passport pics taken, applied for passport
4/13/06 – KBI, SRS clearance requests sent
4/14/06 – Alabama police clearance request sent, told favorite Aunt K about Gertrude
4/22/06 – KBI clearance received, dated 4/17
4/23/06 – Alabama police clearance debacle #1, request re-sent
4/24/06 – Told the future grandparents about Gertrude
4/28/06 – Self-employment/income letter done, First Reference Letter received – thanks S!
4/29/06 – Labs done for medical
5/5/06 – Alabama police clearance received, Second Reference Letter received –  thanks K!
5/6/06 – Told my dad’s side of the family about Gertrude
5/8/06 – Homestudy visit #1, Alabama county authentication sent
5/9/06 – Hepatitis A vaccine #1, Medical certificate done
5/11/06 – Passport arrives!
5/12/06 – Application to adopt, Passport copy, Medical certificate, Single Status Affidavit & 
                 Commitment of Periodical reports notarized
                 Above docs + income letter, KBI clearance state certified
                 Dossier photos taken
5/14/06 – Homestudy visit #2, Mother&’s Day!
5/19/06 – Alabama police clearance debacle #2, request re-sent
6/2/06 – Alabama police clearance county authentication received
6/3/06 – Alabama state certification request sent, Third Reference Letter received – thanks H!
6/5/06 – First draft of Homestudy received, I-600A submitted in person in KC, fingerprints done
6/10/06 – Started lactation protocol, Alabama state certification received, told mom’s side grandparents about Gertrude
7/8/06 – All docs, except I-171H & homestudy sent to Vietnamese consulate in San Francisco
7/17/06 – Docs received from Vietnamese consulate
7/29/06 – Bogus Request for Evidence from USCIS (information already in homestudy)
8/9/06 – I-171H Issued
8/11/06 – I-171H Received, Finalized Homestudy done
8/12/06 – Copy of I-171H Notarized
8/14/06 – I-171H & Homestudy to Secretary of State, then Fedexed to Vietnamese Consulate for Expedited Authentication (thank you H & Grandma!)
8/18/06 – Docs back from Consulate & Dossier submitted to agency
8/31/06 – Dossier to Vietnam after agency review
early September – dossier translated, logged into IAD
early November – 2nd Hep A vaccine
sometime between December and April – referral
sometime between January and May – travel
7-12 days in Vietnam, home with Gertrude for a nice spring/summer/forever!

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