5 Weird Things

Since I was tagged by Christina:

1) I fall asleep incredibly easily.  As in damn-near-narcolepsy.  I fall asleep with the TV on (hence some of the weird dreams) and don’t realize it for hours.  I fall asleep talking to people (I was a hit at slumber parties, let me tell you!)  I can literally go from wide awake to sound asleep in under 30 seconds.  Fortunately, this doesn’t include times that I really should stay awake – i.e. driving, running a code, mowing the lawn.   It is really nice on call nights though – I’m back asleep within minutes of landing in the call room!

2) I own a .357 Magnum and know how to use it.  I also have the loudest ADT alarm ever (the alarm part installed by the previous owners, but I’ve kept it activated.)  If I hear that thing in the middle of the night, I’m liable to shoot anything bigger than a breadbox (or a scottie dog) heading up the stairs.  Break into my house at your very great peril.

3) When I go out to restaurants, I wind up ordering nearly the same thing every time.  It varies from restaurant to restaurant, but I get into these ruts that last months to years at a shot.  At one place it’s a cheeseburger, a certain burrito at another, chicken & snow peas at the chinese place, etc.  I usually like multiple things on the menu, but will order the same usual thing every time, for whatever reason.

4) I am really weirdly proportioned.  I’m not terribly tall, just average, but have really long legs and a really short torso for my height.  I’;m 5’6″ (when I stand up good & straight) but have a 32″ inseam.  For reference, my 6’1″ father wears a 34″ inseam.  When I sit down, H & I are the same height – and she’s 5’0″.  All that, combined with the mega-boobs, leads to great fun when clothes-shopping, let me tell you.

5) I have a fond daydream of winning the lottery, retiring from my job, and moving to a little farm.  I’d grow my own veggies, have some chickens & goats, learn to throw pots, and knit a lot.  Oh, and take care of my kid(s).  Sigh.

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