Where I’ve Been

1) Shopping all day on Saturday for Gert's fall/winter 2007 wardrobe. Great sales at Carter’s & OshKosh!

2) Baking birthday cakes (for me) x 2. One for work today, one for home on Thursday night after H & I go out for dinner. Mmm…chocolatey. Actual birthday’s on Thursday.

3) Veronica Mars, Season 2. Bwa ha ha. It’s great. I’m already nearly done with the 2nd disc. The dvds were devilishly hard to find in stock – I checked Target, Kmart, Best Buy, Suncoast & some other record store in the mall before finding the one last copy they had at Walmart. Who knew VM had become so popular?!

4) Virtual Villagers – it’s a Yahoo game, a lot like Sims, I guess. I’ve never played Sims. You have a group of little people shipwrecked on an island, and you have to keep them alive – grow crops, raise babies, build huts, etc. It’s fun!

I guess that’s about it, other than the usual laundry/cleaning/grocery type activities. Back at work through Thursday, then have 4 days off! 😀

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