Things I’ve Learned While Paperchasing

1) The paperwork is never done.

2) If you think the paperwork is done, you are wrong.  Refer to rule #1.

3) Always carry a blue pen.

4) Every bit of paperwork will be twice as difficult to acquire as it should be, take twice as long, and cost twice as much.

5) Copy everything.  In triplicate.

6) Don’t forget the blue pen.

7) Memorize your passport number now.  This will save time later.

8) Remember, your program coordinator is your friend.   S/he exists to help you cover your ass, amongst other things.

9) The most urgent documents will need to be produced on your busiest day at work.

10) I don’t know this one for sure, but sources tell me it will all be worth it in the end.

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