Well, Operation Paperwork 2006 was a raging success yesterday.  As you all know, I received my I-171H on Friday evening.  My social worker, rather than mail the finalized homestudy to me, left it to be picked up at his office complex.  On Monday.  And of course I’m OOT from 6 a.m. Monday to 7 p.m. Thursday.  And I really wanted to get things through the Secretary of State & to the Consulate ASAP, so I can be DTV.  

Step 1, I coerced my grandmother into picking up the homestudy for me, and taking it to H at work.  (Which is more of a production than you’d think, as Grandma has responsibility for my blind great-aunt with Alzheimer’s, as well as the fact that H works on one of the higher floors of a building downtown.)

Step 2, H took the docs to the Secretary of State, then to Kinko’s for copies, and into the FedEx man’s waiting hands.

As of 4:19 AM PDT, the package is in San Francisco at the FedEx facility, waiting to go out to the Consulate.  YAY!!

ETA: As of 7:54 AM PDT, it’s on the truck for delivery!  WAHOO!

ETA again: Delivered at 10:36 AM PDT!!!!!  Now for the nail-biting as to when they’ll finish it.  It’s two documents, expedited.  Anyone care to venture a guess?  My money’s on Thursday.

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