Miscellaneous Ramblings

Well, since I apparently scared everyone off with the guinea pig dream (I agree, it was creepy) I guess I’ll just sit here and talk to myself. 😉

Let’s see…

Work = tiring the last few days.  Can’t wait until Friday.

I’m worried about finding daycare for Gert, assuming I’m still in this job.  There’s a healthy element of “I never want her to have full-day sitters, I just want to be a SAHM” in there, which is of course, in my case, ridiculous.  It does muddy the waters nicely, though.

I’m also worried about money, as in paying for adoption expenses + how long can I afford to be off for maternity leave + big med mal premium (the joys of self-employment) due in October…

In brighter news, I’m pretty settled on a name.  I’;m also pretty sure I won’t be sharing Gert’s “real” name on the blog or on message boards.  It’s one thing to be (sometimes brutally) honest about myself, but it’s another to talk about my kid using her full real name for the whole world to read about.  I don’t want her to google herself 15 years from now, and be aghast to find her potty-training stories, kwim?  I might share her “real” name perhaps once in a protected post when I get her referral, but she’ll have a similar but different, same first-initial name for the other 99.999999% of the time.   In the meantime, she’ll still be Gertrude.  🙂

I hope that doesn’t offend anyone – it’s just my mama-bear instinct kicking in. 

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