Guinea Pigs & Stealth DTCs

Oh boy…what a night for dreams.  I’m assuming it was due to exhaustion, as the only stimulant in my body was a slice of lemon cake. 😀

Dream 1) I went over to pick up Gert, who was 4 months old.  My mother, aunt & I all went together on the trip (partially accurate – mom’s going, but my aunt’s not.)  Mysteriously, I’m in China, not Vietnam, but whatever.  I run into our agency director, and he takes us to the orphanage to get her.  They hand me a baby that looks suspiciously like a large, bald guinea pig.  Claws for fingers and toes, small (very small) head, and she never wakes up.  I take her with me, and mom & aunt are not at all worried that baby is horribly deformed.  They want to go sightseeing.  I finally convince them that this just isn’t right, this is *not* the baby we came for.  I find my agency director again (who I’ve never met or even seen a picture of, actually) and he tells me she’s just fine, just needs food & love.  Then I woke up.   Obviously no problem interpreting this one.  Another typical prenatal dream (deformed baby) expressing itself in the adoption scenario.

Dream 2) I was out running around with H, and suddenly she announces she’s expecting a referral from China.  (Nevermind that neither of us are 30, although she’s closer than I am.)  I ask her when she was DTC, and she doesn’t know (!!!) but thinks it was last June (2005.)  Then I woke up.  I think this has something to do with feeling like the absolute last person in the world to finish my dossier, so much that friends who aren’t even adopting are ahead of me.  

The other weird thing about dream #1 was that I was drinking the tap water, and then realized I shouldn’t, and hadn’t remembered any pepto-bismol to prevent illness.  Ick.  And of course this is me, who only rarely drinks US tap water, no less Vietnamese tap water. 

Just another weird night in dreamland. 

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