The Squeaky Wheel

You all know that old saw about “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.”  Well, I’m squeaking.  And if they don’t give me what I want, I’ll just keep squeaking louder and more persistently.  

The Plan:

Today, I call the Chief Flunkie in charge of Orphan Visas.  Every hour.  On the hour.  All.  Day.  Long.  Until I get to speak with a human.  If she gives me crap, and/or never calls me back, then on to Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I call the Chief Flunkie’s Supervisor.  Every hour.  On the hour.  All.  Day.  Long.  If that fails, on to Wednesday.

Wednesday, I start calling my Congressman and both Senators (one of whom has adopted internationally) until we get some forward motion.  A paperwork glitch shouldn’t be that difficult to resolve, but this is Homeland “Security” we’re dealing with here.

So far I’ve called the Chief Flunkie once, at 8:15, and left a voicemail.  I’ll be calling again, probably 7 more times today if necessary.  Because, yes, I am that persistent, and they need to just give me the stupid form to get rid of me.

P.S. Don’t worry, I’ll be nice.  At least at first.  I promise, no swearing!  On the phone, anyway.  😀

ETA: 9:30 – No answer.  Felt additional voicemail was not yet justified.  Reviewed “Request for Evidence” letter, and wanted to smack self after reading the lurvely spelling & grammar of the request.  Your tax dollars at work, friends.  I’ll copy it for your amusement.

“You will need to submit an ammended (sic) homestudy which states 1) the dates and locations of interviews, 2 ) a specific recommendations (sic) from the homstudy (sic) preparer stating that they have recommended you for approval.”

That’s two rather obvious (being as “Homestudy” and “Amended” are both commonly used words in that line of work – this is akin to me misspelling “Bronchitis” or “Fracture”) spelling mistakes in one sentence, plus a nice plural/singular grammatical error.  Need I ask why this person can’t manage to figure out what information is or isn’t in my “homstudy” ?  Gah.  I’ll call again at 10:15ish.

ETA: 10:45 – No answer.  Left another *nice* voicemail (I saved “Call me back, you nutjob” for after I hung up.)  Back to thumb-twiddling.  Oh, and doing actual work.  hehe.

ETA: 2:15 – Busy signals since 11:30.  Arrgh…

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