As you can see by my ticker, I’ve now been waiting two months.  Maybe it’s that the two month mark imbues one with a zen sort of attitude.  Maybe it’s that I know it’s the weekend, and I have relatively fun things to do today.  Maybe it’s the glory of a clean, pretty kitchen with new appliances.  Maybe it’s the prolactin from the domperidone making me all content & peaceful.  It’s probably some combination of the above.  

Whatever the cause, I feel calm & on an even keel today.  The form will eventually come.  This too shall pass.  I’ll be traveling before I know it, at just the right time, to pick up just the right baby – who knows, maybe the delay is because she’s not even born yet, and needs time to develop?

Off to run some pleasant errands (am I the only weirdo that actually *likes* grocery shopping?) and visit my grandparents.  Ohmmmmmm…  Ohmmmm… 😀

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