Poor Piper

Appliances arrived, in good shape, lovely nice delivery men – more on that later.

Piper went to the groomer’s today – she’s been there before, and I liked the gal ok, the cut was ok, etc.  

Today she calls at about 12 (P’s been there since 9) and says that P is “covered in mats” and she’s going to have to SHAVE her.  WTF??  First of all, I pay more attention to this dog than some people do their children.  If she were covered in mats, I’d know about it.  Secondly, you don’t shave a Scottie, dumbass.  (Not their furnishings/legs/belly anyway.)   It’s just not what you do!!  ARGH!  So she says if I don’t want her shaved, her only other option is to comb the mats out (these amazing, supposed mats) and it will be a “lot of extra $$.”  I personally think she’s trying to get money out of me, because, as I said, if P had all those mats, I’d know about it.  I just brushed her out completely LAST weekend, and spent some time grooming her Wednesday night.  I seriously doubt hundreds of mats have magically appeared in 36 hours of indoor time, mostly spent sleeping.   I asked her to just do the rest, and I’d deal with the mats, but “she can’t do that.”  Uh huh.  (This is a private individual working out of her home here.)  That just clinches my theory that she’s making this up to try to get more money out of me – just like an unscrupulous mechanic finding something else wrong with the car.

Gah.  I’m just worried sick that she’s going to hurt Piper somehow.  My poor baby. 

ETA:  I just had a thought that she may have *washed* Piper before brushing her out.  Which yes, with Scottie fur, can cause matting.  So that merely makes me think she’s an inexperienced-with-Scotties groomer, as opposed to a completely evil money-seeking groomer.  Still worried about my sweet pea, though.  😦

ETA again:  She’s home, and she’s fine.  I’m looking for a new groomer, certainly, but she’s fine.  Sigh.

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