Homestudy Update

Well, HippieSWGuy (now a.k.a. 007 SW) managed to conduct some covert ops & obtain the memory card. Rah! Unfortunately, his older computer doesn’t have the appropriate port to use it (USB, I assume) so it’s being sent to Iowa today, for someone to (quickly please!) make the changes, print & send back by return mail. Yargh. I’m hoping to have it by next Friday the 4th, so I can hand carry it to the Secretary of State. Not holding my breath.

No news on the I-171H – I’m hoping it will arrive in tonight’s accumulated mail. We’ll see.

In other news, I dreamt last night that my mother had a baby. My hysterectomized, 53-year-old, history of infertility mother. And she couldn’t understand why I had a problem with that! It was a boy, delivered after 3 hours of labor (I’m an only, and born c/s) and they named him Cartridge. Cartridge. WTF?? And here’s my little sister Arsenal. Ai yi yi. And of course, the whole family was much more excited about this bio boy than they were about Gert, and I just wanted to kick them all. The dreams, they are weird. Gotta love the prolactin!

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