The Cliffs of Insanity!!

OK, not really, but it made a fun title, anyway. I had this dream last night that didn’t really make me question my sanity (the symbolism is so obvious it’s hardly even symbolic,) but was certainly weird.

I was out shopping with friends, my mother & my aunt, and Gertrude (who was a maybe 6 month-old infant, very cute.) First I kept forgetting things I needed for her in the house – diapers, sling, etc. Then I couldn’t get my sling adjusted, and she kept falling down, suddenly it was too big (and this is a pouch sling – it’s only the one size and not adjustable) and then too small.

Then we all got in the car (my car) and whoops! no room for a car seat. So we took turns holding her on our laps, no car seat, no restraint whatsoever, while I drove for a long way on the highway. I remember vaguely thinking this might be a bad idea, but didn’t do anything about it, and the friends/family didn’t question it.

We went shopping, and the sling kept falling down and I kept putting it on wrong, and kept nearly dropping her. Then some of us decided to go see Pirates of the Caribbean (okaaaay) and I again vaguely worried that 1) going to any movie w/ a 6 month old might not work and 2) would she be scared/traumatized by the movie?

So, my amateur psychologist fan base, what does this mean? Ha ha ha. The anxiety’s obvious, and oh-so-normal. I equate it to the dreams preggo women have about giving birth to kittens. I know I’m more competent than all that, but of course I’m anxious about caring for my first child. Who wouldn’t be?

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