Thoughts for Today

1) A Sunday afternoon nap is a beautiful thing.

2) A Macintosh-Peach Yankee jar candle left on its side in an unairconditioned closet when it’s over 100 for days, will melt & become somewhat mangled.  Fortunately this can be cured by a spin through the oven on 175.  This has the nice side effect of making the entire house smell like Macintosh-Peach.

3) Things I bought for the Vietnam trip today: a memory card reader (no software required,) a tiny notebook to carry around so I can write things down, and a waist pack (lovely vinyl, but it’s waterproof!)

4) I’ve noticed over the last few days that if I skip a domperidone dose, my breasts actually feel softer/lighter.  So it must be doing something, no?

5) I still heart Veronica Mars.  😀

6) The hard plastic packaging that they use for electronics is clearly the work of the devil.

7) I’m sooooo tired of waiting on the I-171H, which no, did not arrive yesterday or Friday.  Bah.

I’ll post a pic of Piper using the card reader after bit.  Note that Piper isn’t using the card reader in the pic.

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