Just when you thought it was getting a little too happy up in here, I’m back with a nice downer of a post.

I just spoke with HippieSWGuy.  I sent him a fax on Saturday (the 15th) with some last bits of paper for his files, things I’d already told him in a phone call on the 4th, but that he needed for the files.  OK, fine.  I put on the cover sheet that I’d like to have the finalized HS on the 21st, to go certify/authenticate/etc as I’m hoping I’ll have the I-171H then.  If I don’t have the I-171H by then, I’ll have it soon, and I don’t want to wait two weeks (my next day off) to go pick up the bloomin’ HS from the SW.  

So, at any rate, he calls me back, and it turns out his typist/secretary person has been ill for two weeks, and just got out of the hospital.  The HS that I thought was being finished after our interview on the 4th is in fact, not finished, but still waiting on the typist.  And the SW is going to be OOT on the 20th and 21st, not back until the evening of the 21st, at which time I will, of course, not be able to take the HS to the secretary of state for certification.  WAAAAAAA!  He says he’ll call me and let me know when it will be finished – and truthfully, the alterations are not that major, but geez, could he not just type a few extra lines into an already finished document?  I’m not holding my breath, anyway.

This, my friends, sucks camel turds.

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