Consulate worries

Now, you all know I’m not a particularly nervous Nellie, but in this case, I think it just may be justified.

I sent most of my dossier (other than the as-yet-not-arrived I-171H and my soon-to-be-finalized homestudy) to the Vietnamese Consulate in SF for authentication, it arrived last Monday the 10th.

I’ve yet to receive notification from FedEx that it’s been picked up for return mail, which worries me for two reasons. 1) Some of my docs were close to expiring, which is why I sent them now rather than waiting a bit longer and sending the whole thing together. The first/”oldest” doc expires today. If there’s a backlog to blame for the slightly-longer-than-average service, then are they going to disqualify my documents as “too old”? Or will they let them slide since they’ve been in their possession since the 10th?

2) The guy at Kinko’s was something rather less than competent (or at least seemed it) and had no idea what I wanted with the prepaid mailer, so I had to talk him through it (scary) and I wound up with no tracking number for it, and I just have zero faith that it will get here despite all that. I do have my FedEx account number, which is what I’ve been checking to see if it’s been picked up, but nothing so far.


I think I need a nap. Or a drink. Or possibly both.

Oh, and today marks six weeks waiting for my I-171H. C’mon…anytime now.

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