What’s That Stench?

That’s right…the stench of discovery…

It wasn’t a mouse.  Thank God.

It was the sad result of putting one freezerburned turkey into the outside dumpster (in the garage, which shares a roof with the house, most notably the bedroom closets) in 80-90 degree weather, on a week with no trash pickup (thanks to the 4th of July.)  Not my finest hour of great forethought, but really, I needed to put away the homemade ice cream!


The dumpster’s out in the backyard now, and the Sainted H will be putting it out on Monday night.  I just hope the neighborhood vermin (dogs, cats, raccoons, possums) don’t get into it.  At least I get to return the air purifier!  Meanwhile, I’m air-conditioning the outdoors, with every conceivable window open.  At least today’s not terribly hot.

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