It’s Worth A Try

So y’know how, if you’re waiting in a restaurant for your food interminably, and you get up to go to the bathroom, that’s precisely when your food will arrive? Or if you’re waiting on, say, the plumber for hours on end, and you get in the shower, then he shows up?

I’m going on the theory that, if I send my documents to be authenticated at the Vietnamese consulate (and of course I need to send my I-171H to the Vietnamese consulate as well) that this will accelerate the arrival of my I-171H, just based on the principle that things happen at the most inconvenient time. As it stands, I need to send several of my documents before July 17th, as they begin to “expire” at that point (greater than three months old.) So I’m going to send them regardless – I’d hoped to send my I-171H and homestudy at the same time. The homestudy’s receiving final revisions, so I’ll wait to send it with the I-171H, but wouldn’t it be great if this made the blasted thing show up?!

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