So now the INS lie du jour is 60 days.  SIXTY days.  6-0.  Up from 10-14 days as recently as last winter.  Crappy crapholes.  60 days would put my I-171H on my doorstep on August 4, which puts me DTV in mid-August, which gives me a referral sometime between December and 2044 or so when I start to collect Social Security.  So much for being DTV in June, or even July.   

This wouldn’t tick me off so much if they actually had to do something with the form, but they don’t.  Check to be sure the documentation’s there, check the FBI database for my fingerprint info (which clears in 24-48 hours) and call it done.  This is NOT a 60 day process.  Yargh.  Lazy-ass bureaucrats.

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