Rat-bastards and the damn-ass-crap bureaucracy

I’m mad.  Just plain ticked off.  Why in the holy hell does CIS (a.k.a. INS) have to take 6 freaking weeks to process I-600As?  Why?  When they were doing them in 10-14 days before?  Why?  I mean, look at the homestudy, make sure FBI clears the prints, and move the thing along!  For the record, I turned in my form & was fingerprinted on June 5.  They cashed the check on June 7.  And I can expect to wait until July 17th to receive my I-171-H, which means it will be nearly AUGUST before I’m DTV!!  What the F-ck is that about?

Rat-bastards and the damn-ass-crap bureaucracy, that’s what.  Y’know what, I’m making that the title of this post now.  It was boring before.

Good grief.  It’s only 1:45 and I could already use a drink.  (And I’m at work!)  Bah.

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