Random Sunday

1) Piper has a favorite movie: Lady and the Tramp.  It was on ABC last night, and she watched it for 15-20 minutes solid.  Which is what, 2 hours in dog years?  I finally got bored & turned it – who knows, she might’ve watched the whole thing!

2) Boobs definitely filing incorporation papers as a small town.  Just because, y’know, I know you’re all dying for that info.  Ha.  But seriously, ladies (because I’m sure the guys checked out in the first sentence) – this is far more impressive than anything I had happen while TTC.  I’d say I’m up a cup size, nearly.  And that’s in a week!  I shudder to think what 5-6-7 more months will do!

3) I watched A History of Violence last night (after I’m ashamed to admit how long on my Netflix pile.)  I’ll give it a lukewarm “meh.”  And that’s with Viggo.  Just meh.  Netflix it if you want, but don’t waste any $$ seeing it.  

4) I love the confused-face reactions I get when I wear my “Top 10 UN Slogans” shirt in public.  It has some great suggestions, including my personal fave “Genocidal dictators, beware our non-binding resolutions.”

5) On a serious note, I don’t know that I’ve shared this here, but my dad has prostate cancer.  It’s a relatively mild form, and he has a good prognosis, but he has to go to Houston for radiation for two months, which presents all the challenges any of us would face in moving to some random city 1000s of miles from home, while undergoing medical treatment.  And given my current work schedule (which I really can’t modify, since I need the $$ to get Gert home) I can’t go see him.  😦

OK.  Enough rambling.  Off to do something productive.

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