A Good Mail Day

First, I received my Alabama police letter, finished & secretary of state-certified.  Rah!  So now it really is the wait for I-171H alone.  I’m so glad to have that particular piece of paper finished, I can’t even express it.  

Second, my meds arrived, and I am officially inducing lactation, effective today!  Woohoo!  I started the oral contraceptive & one of the stomach medicine to increase prolactin.   I’ll eventually be up to 8 of the stomach pill a day (yes, that’s an OK dose) but I’ll start slowly.  I’m apparently supposed to “see breast changes” within 2 weeks.  I’ll be happy to report, but sorry, no pictures.  heh.  Not that the girls *need* to be any larger, mind you…

In other news, we removed the pond today – no more paranoia about Gert drowning in it, plus I get a ton of sunny garden space back to use for growing corn.  The liner was out in the front yard with a FREE sign for all of 2 hours before being removed.   I told my maternal grandparents about the impending little arrival, and they’re ecstatic, which makes the reactions of family so far 95% positive, 5% guarded and 0% negative.  I’ll take that. 

OK, enough rambling.  Very tired.  Off to work tomorrow through Friday p.m. but may very well have time to post.

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