Immigration "Services"

Today was the grand USCIS (formerly INS) visit.  Hooray!  

First off, there’s a rule (at our branch, at least) that no cameras or cameraphones are allowed in.  After a quick trip back to the car, I was headed through security, and that was fine, although the guard warned me “no knives.”  I apparently look like more of a knife-wielder, than say, gun or flame-thrower.  Ahem.

The I-600A filing was easy and fine, the clerk was *very* nice & interested in my adoption (or at least feigned interest) and that took all of 5 minutes.  Thank you, InfoPass!

Fingerprinting, on the other hand, was a cross between the longest, worst DMV wait ever, and a visit to a slightly-more-casual version of the UN.  Naugahyde furniture.  Eternal voiceovers on the PA system.  Semi-snotty clerks with really nasal “Please take a number.”  Yeah.  It was moderately more interesting than the DMV, in that instead of overhearing stories about fishing and monster trucks, I was overhearing conversations in up to 8 non-English languages simultaneously.  But gah – should have brought a book.  2 hours.  To get from #38 (the “being served” when I got there) to #48 (me.)   

I stopped on the way home at Once Upon a Child, and now Gert has 4 crib sheets ($3 each!) as well as 2 changing pad covers.  And a few of those nearly-water-resistant receiving blanketish things, great for a change pad in the diaper bag or to toss on the changing table for a nasty diaper.

Now I’m home, made a salad (all from the garden – radishes, snap peas, lettuce & spinach) and spaghetti (made the sauce last night, from scratch thank you, with basil & oregano from my herb garden.)  Very yummy, and just what I needed after facing INS.   Now I’m just relaxing, and going to do some scrapbooking, after I plant some petunias.

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